Magical Adventures: Tales of Wonder and Friendship

Within these pages, you will discover the author’s unique works, including the successful books “Tamara and the Egg” and “My Friend the Witch: Kara-Madjo”. These wonderfully crafted tales transport children to imaginary worlds, where friendship, courage, and self-discovery take center stage.

Tamara and the Egg

A trip to the yard quickly becomes an adventure when sisters Tamara and Sahra stumble upon a glowing egg! They never would have guessed what would follow, lots of sweets, lots of friendship, and a very big surprise!

‘’I bought this after I recently bought a book from the same author for my 4 yo niece. I was not disappointed and we enjoyed reading it together so much it’s become our routine. My 10 yo son also gave it his seal of approval. My niece pretty much tells me the story page by page now and she’s out looking for her own eggs 🙂 love the book and looking forward to more from this author ’’
‘’Mes enfants ont aimé l’histoire !’’

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Independently published (October 17, 2021)

My Friend the Witch: Kara-Madjo

Sahra loves making friends, and never thought that a witch would be one of them! As she ventures through the forest, she finds her way to the house of the witch Kara-Madjo. She is determined to be a good friend, no matter what!